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My Story

If anyone told me that I would be making and selling pottery in this chapter of my life, I would have laughed! Apparently, I told my dear friend, Deb that I wanted to make pottery years and years ago ... I did take lessons before Jason, my son, came home, but then got involved with being a Mom for several years. Life brought me to NJ and only 3 minutes from The Art School at Old Church where my teacher, Marilyn Dale, told all her students that they would have a pottery studio one day. I never believed her until the day came when my husband, Michael, looked around our kitchen and saw all the bowls, mugs and vases on the shelves he made me, and said, "I can't make any more shelves!" Thus began my pottery experience selling to friends, family, neighbors and now to the community at large...hence, this web site to share my creations, spread some joy and love and a little piece of me as I see your eyes light up and say,

"I want that one!" Happy shopping and remember, in the Gallery you can see items that have sold, but that you may like as well, and I am happy to

recreate the perfect piece just for you!

No two pieces will ever be the same so you will have an El Potter original!

Thank you for all your love and support. Ellen

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